About Us

Combining work and intensive study, our CEO Mr JH Lonte, has been in the SOLAR INDUSTRY for 15 years before founding Green World Solar Solutions in 2009.

We started with the installations of water heating systems. After that we completed several large projects for the mining industry as well as small residential projects. Our focus is STANDALONE and GRID TIE SYSTEMS and to improve our employee TRAINING and CERTIFICATION.

Here at Green World Solar, we are striving to create a "GREENER" environment. We offer top quality products at reasonable prices. Please rely on our expertise and value-added services to help save our planet.


Our vision is to be the best solar solutions company in Southern Africa, helping to grow our nation’s infrastructure by supplying more cost-effective energy solutions.


Our mission is to supply high-quality products and service at affordable prices where possible. We are committed to this growing industry as more people use solar power every day in their homes, farms, and businesses throughout South Africa.



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